Funeral Services

We will assist your family in planning a funeral and choosing the options that suit your families needs and your loved ones wishes. We are able to assist you in holding services in a wide variety of areas. From our chapel, to your church or at the cemetery we are able to prepare a meaningful service to honor your loved one. We will listen to your family and help to arrange a celebration of your loved one’s life through whatever means you choose.

Obituary Preparation

We will prepare an obituary to be published for your loved one.

Veteran's Benefits

We will help you secure your potential veterans benefits, such as burial flags, government markers, memorial certificate and a burial plot.

Social Security Benefits

We will notify the Social Security Administration of the death. We will explain and help you apply for any benefits you may be entitled to through Social Security.

Death Certificates

We will help you in obtaining a death certificate which can be important for insurance purposes as well a host of other issues.

After Care

Sometimes the loss of a loved one can be especially painful. We understand that the grieving process does not end with the funeral. We are here not only to help arrange the funeral, but to help families cope with the loss of their loved one. There are a wide variety of grief resources available and we will help to point you in the right direction and begin the healing process..


We will call any Insurance Company and order the necessary claim forms, fill out the paperwork and mail the claim forms in for you.

Pre Planning

Pre-arranging a funeral can mean many things to many different people. It can be anything from selecting a casket and songs, to providing us the information we use for an obituary and exactly how you want your service to flow.

We also allow individuals to pre-pay for their funeral. This is done by selecting the desired services, including a casket and outside container you would like to use as well as any cash advance items you wish to add.

What are cash advance items? These are items a funeral home pays to another company or individual for you. Examples would be: Death Certificates, Obituary in a newspaper, an honorarium for a minister or singer, etc.

If you would ever desire to come into one of our facilities and talk about your or a loved one’s funeral, please do not hesitate to call us and we will set a time for you to discuss pre-arrangement options with you.

Live Webcasting

At Mathis Funeral Home we know that watching a live funeral webcast will never take the place of actually being there, however we have seen an ever growing number of family members who would like to attend a funeral service but cannot attend due to poor health problems, military or work obligations or even financial constraints.  For this reason, Mathis Funeral Home offers live funeral webcasting using the latest in streaming technology.  Our live webcasts feature full streaming motion and sound.  Simple, Windows Media Video (.wmv) format ensures simple ease of viewing with no complicated software to install.

At Mathis Funeral Home we respect your privacy and have established our webcast privacy policy for your peace of mind.  All of our live funeral webcasts are provided free of charge to those families who request the service.  Services are never publicly broadcast to anyone without the immediate families permission.  If you have questions about our services please feel free to ask one of our funeral directors.

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